About Us

GIF’s by Eastlyn Bright

GIF’s by Eastlyn Bright

Hello future friends!

We are Christina & Jeremiah Fideler, a young ambitious & adventurous married couple from the Midwest. We are super in love with each other, and of course in love with taking photos. Our journey began in 2008, we met at a local church and Jeremiah *claims* I said he was cute (I have no memory of this, but it definitely could’ve happen since well, he is pretty cute). We remained acquaintances, then became friends, then soon after best friends. I’m talking the kind of best friends where we would beg our parents to take us to each other’s houses, stay up every night until sunrise on the phone together, text each other all day, that kind of best friendship. We were inseparable, and I was secretly in love, I knew I would marry him someday. We started dating in early high school, we were both there with each other through our first cars, high school graduation, college graduation, etc. But some of our fondest memories together have been doing our favorite thing, traveling and taking photos.

Right after I graduated high school, we left on a month long trip through Europe together. It was incredible, I saw mountains for the first time, walked the streets of Paris, took the tours, and saw the museums. But after that trip, I was left feeling unsatisfied. Below are some pictures from that trip.

I believe everyone has a travel personality, and if you love going overseas and doing all the touristy things, that’s awesome! But it’s not for us. We realized on that trip to Europe, that if we wanted real authentic experiences, we had to take a much more laid back approach to life.

So the next summer, we packed our bags and left again! This time was different. We had little money in our pockets, and a dream of making it all the way to California taking only the bus. We hitchhiked with strangers, camped in some of the most beautiful National Parks, and although it was difficult, we learned so much about each other and decided this was who we are.

Since then we’ve taken many more trips and we’re always on the road. Some highlights were hiking Upper Falls and Yosemite Point in Yosemite National Park on two separate occasions, hiking Angels Landing in Zion National Park through the ice and snow, skydiving in Moab, and much more.

We’ve hiked to many peaks and beautiful views, witnessed some of the most mind blowing sunsets, and rested in each other’s arms while we watched the pastel skies transform into stars. This is the life we have with each other.

our elopement


On November 30th 2018, Jeremiah and I got married in Sequoia National Park, California.

We know that elopements are “cool and trendy” & “great for photos”, but that’s not why we decided to elope. Jeremiah and I made the decision to elope years ago, it’s something I’ve been passionate about for a long time. For me personally, I felt the only way I could give 100% of my focus to Jeremiah, was for no one else to be present. I didn’t want to care about the favors, or the food, or anyone’s accommodations or whatever it is, I only wanted to care about him. So we went back to our favorite place on the planet, Sequoia National Park. That one summer we took the bus to California, Sequoia was our first stop and WOW, it was a weekend I’ll never forget. We took the last available campsite, and spent our days hiking the giants and wading the rivers.

I’ll always remember one night, we were back at our campsite for dinner, and we felt like splurging so we bought a half gallon of chocolate milk from the camp store. We had to chug that chocolate milk because we had no way of keeping it cold, and that summer was very hot. I looked down at my legs, and they were completely covered in dirt. My freckles were shining big and proud, and my messy hair was scattered all around my face. Jeremiah’s hair was sticking up in every direction, and his beard had grown to make him look like a mountain man. I laughed a big laugh, this is who we are.

I hope those stories gives you a personal insight into who we are, and why we do what we do. Now that you know our story, we’d love to know yours. Contact us here and tell us about yourself!