Best of 2018

Can you believe we are ending another year, and heading into 2019 already?! Every year I look back on what I accomplished that year, and think “This was the biggest year of my life!”, yet the next always seems to have more in store. On January 1st 2018, Jeremiah and I became a legal business and started Christina & Jeremiah LTD. Although we have been working in this industry for years longer, becoming our own LLC was the best feeling. It brought so many new challenges, and solidified our place as business owners. Now on a personal level, when we became an LLC we were still boyfriend & girlfriend (crazy, I know!) Just a few weeks later Jeremiah proposed to me, and on November 30th we got married! Going through the process of getting married ourselves, completely changed my perspective on wedding photography. Feeling the intense emotions of marrying your best friend, committing your life to each other through the ups and downs, I knew how beautiful that was, but didn’t know how it would feel until I did it myself. Our own elopement photos are so SO important to me, the day goes by so fast and for me, I felt like I was in a dream the whole time. Having our photos, freezes those memories in time for me, something that is truly priceless.

I am so excited to share this blog with you all and my intentions behind it. I will admit, I am not the best when it comes to blogging/keeping my website updated. There were many amazing galleries and stories that didn’t get on here, and my first 2019 New Years resolution is to be MUCH better at sharing the beautiful stories I capture! The reason I wanted to do this is because I often wonder, what do photographers bad days look like? If we compared their best work to their worst, and all the in between, what would that look like? Now, I am not saying that any of these images are my “worst work”. That definitely isn’t true. I am 100% proud of EVERY image I took this year. Seriously can't explain how incredibly blessed I am by my clients, I feel extraordinarily lucky to have a lovely positive relationships with ALL my amazing clients! Showing a giant compressed blog like this, one image of every single client session I did this year, gives anyone an excellent overview of my work as a whole. And that’s exactly what this is! If you were a paying client of mine in 2018, I have chosen my favorite image from your session and it is featured in here! This does not include creative and unpaid work, this is all about my real clients from the year. You’ll see some faces a couple times, from a couple’s engagement session to their wedding day! As well as many gorgeous senior and portrait sessions. You’ll see how we handle tough lighting, unforeseen weather circumstances, any challenge that was thrown our way. Thank you to all my 2018 clients for choosing and trusting us with some of your biggest moments, can’t wait to make new images in 2019!

  1. David & Allie

    We started off the year with our favorite Texas couple, David & Allie. Their wedding was gorgeous and so personalized to them, their reception venue was AMAZING and you can still see their full story in a blog by clicking here. I chose this image as my favorite from their day for a few reasons. First, the colors. The seemingly average red brick Cincinnati building complemented the subtle shadows of blue from the cool winter sunset that reflected from her dress. She is looking at the sunset as it is creating the unique harsh light that streams across them and the building. And he is looking at her, watching their hands as they begin to intertwine together. Truly a beautiful moment, and my favorite from their day.


2. Jordan & Brad

Our first engagement session of the year, and one of our last weddings of 2018. We took their engagement photos in the same venue that Jordan would be getting ready at with her bridesmaids in November. This image the last I took of the day, and it’s my favorite because of the gentleness and closeness you feel between them. This sparks emotion in me. We came to this spot by wandering past the allowed boundaries in the building, and on our way back I saw this red door bolted up by wooden boards. I wanted a challenge, and I liked the soft light coming from a nearby window. I told them to stand in front of it, hug each other, and each time they take a breath, try and fall deeper into each other. This was the outcome.


3. Bobby & Rocky

Bobby and Rocky are my friends, I’ve known them before they met each other, and capturing their engagement and wedding photos was so special. Also, they’re just freaking adorable. The easiest people to work with you will ever meet. They had perfect outfits, and Bobby brought a guitar so they could sing songs in the woods together. This was a totally candid moment that happened between them, most of their session was candid, but this one struck out to me in particular. The joy they have found with each other, you can feel it. They also have their own blog you can view here.


4. The Barrie Family

I don’t do family sessions too often anymore, but when I got this inquiry from Dalton I felt like this was something I needed to do. I am so glad I did, their little family was so cute. They told me all about their farmhouse and the lives they’ve built together, and Logan cheesed it up for me the whole time. This image is my favorite because, c’mon, it’s just super adorable.


5. Chris & Emily

These two are siblings, and seniors at the same time! They wanted to do their senior photos together, and loved the idea of braving the cold for some unique winter portraits. For Chris, I chose this image because of the confidence and focus in his face, but also because of the beautiful contrast between his red button up and the blue waters below. With water that blue you’d think this could’ve been taken in Banff NP, but nope! It was taken right here at a small local spot in Ohio!

For Emily, I chose this photo because of course she looks gorgeous and that sun flare is amazing, but mostly I chose it because of her reaction afterwards. As soon as I took this shot I knew it was a winner, and when I showed it to her I saw her face light up with excitement. She EXUDED confidence for the rest of the day, slay queen!


6. My Mother.

My mother is a total rock. She’s elegant, talented, and beautiful inside and out. She hired me to take some professional photos of her for her business pages, she teaches piano. Her mother taught her piano, and she taught me piano when I was younger. I chose this one because it shows how beautiful my mother is, and the expression she’s giving is truly happy, I know because I’ve seen it many times. This image is a very special and important one to me, and I will treasure it for many years.


7. Maggie & Alex

These cuties met on Tinder! That’s right, Tinder. I have no doubts that Tinder can lead you to your soulmate, because we’ve shot many couples this year who met through the popular dating app. Maggie & Alex were a spunky and fun couple, and their dog was even goofier. I love when people bring their dogs on their shoot, and this pup made many laughs for all of us. I love this one because of the simple authentic moment going on between them. I love when my images show you what’s real, and this moment was so authentic to them it could’ve been happening on their couch at home. Instead it was in the woods with me to capture it.


8. Hannah & Brian

This image was one of those that you spend minutes trying to get, and finaaaaally get it JUST right. The sun was not showing much during their engagement session in the woods, so I tried using my prism to reflect more light and make something more unique out of this. This image, plus Hannah’s amazing red hair, made for a FIRE result.


9. Casey & Jeff

Casey & Jeff welcomed us into their home from the pouring rain, and we took the moody weather we were given and ran with it. They took us to a bridge near their home in Cleveland, and the wind was SO intense. Many clients and photographers are afraid of wind, but I definitely am not. I embrace all kinds of unique weather, and I love a good windy photo. This one is so classic, elegant, it was begging to be made into a black & white.


10. Toby & Lacey

We drove to Iowa to meet Toby & Lacey in this neat location. We visited Iowa several times throughout the year, and were always impressed! These two are such supports for each other, and this simple image of them hugging each other really speaks to me. They are the sweetest people, very thankful to have met them and spent this day with them.


11. Bryna & CJ

Also good friends of ours! We knew Bryna from high school, and I remember back when I was starting photography, I took her senior pictures and she told me all about this guy she started dating. Little did I know that I would be shooting their wedding! This image ensued from a silly moment of them falling into the sand together, and I mean just look at their eyes. The way they’re looking at each other says it all.


12. Tara & Alex

Tara found me through her cousin, who used to be an old coworker of mine back when I did retail. Alex and Tara have built a beautiful life together for them and their little girl. I love this moment of Alex telling her about one of his favorite memories with her, and her face lighting up as she relives it.


13. Brett & David

This session didn’t go exactly as planned. We missed sunrise, the weather was very moody, and we all got lost on the trail. We finally came to this little field, which was exactly what we were looking for the whole time. We had this blanket with us that matched the surrounding colors, and they cozied up close to each other. Brett and David were naturals, as soon as we brought them together they would both close their eyes and be in the moment. This photo was instantly my favorite, it feels like their souls are touching, what a beautiful moment between two people who love each other.


14. Kendall Wedding

This was not my first wedding of the year, but it was the first wedding of the new season since wedding season is typically late March-early January for us. For this image we definitely bent some rules, and maybe accidentally lied. There was some confusion about who was allowed to shoot in this spot, apparently it was reserved for a different bride and groom, but we had no idea and they let us in assuming we were them. After a few minutes we all realized there had been a mistake, but it was fine because I left knowing I had gotten this perfect image. Hannah and I talked for week about these greenhouse photos, and some times you have to push the limits to get the perfect results!


15. Zeiler Wedding

Finally, the first signs of spring in the Midwest! This spot was pretty off the trail of a local Metropark, and it was actually next to a main road but you would have no idea! I love this photo because of the beautiful giant tree growing these beautiful white flowers. Emily looks so gorgeous as well, what a beautiful bride and perfect spring day!


16. Megan & Clint

I love when people choose unique ways to do an exit. Megan and Client decided to do a flower petal exit from their ceremony into the reception area, and it was so fun. Afterwards we were all covered in flower petals, we were still finding petals on her dress hours later. It was magical!


17. Emma

This session was so fun, Emma was amazing to work with and flawless in front of the camera. The intensity. elegance, and grace in this photo, just incredible. I had the best time shooting with her!


18. Danielle & Caleb

Danielle is another photographer from Ohio, and I’m so honored she asked me to take photos of her and Caleb for their anniversary. We shot at one of my favorite local spots, and they looked amazing. After some exploring a new trail, we came to this spot and it’s now my favorite in the park. Seriously gorgeous, I now go to it every time I shoot here.


19. Andy & Anna

Also siblings who are seniors! These two are so talented musically. Anna plays the Ukulele and sings, and has been on the local news to show our city her talents. Andy does rap, and as a fan of rap myself, I have to say he’s really good at it. This was my second or third time taking pictures of Andy, always a good time getting creative and bringing out the artists in us!


20. Chumchaw Wedding

This beautiful wedding I shot with my friend Sam, who was also the maid of honor. During the morning I got to shoot the details, and I just LOVE this photo of the bride’s gift to the groom. A handwritten letter with a new bible, and of course her ring.


21. Claire

Claire was easy to work with and a great model. I love when my clients are down for anything, I asked her to get in the water and she gladly went in. It was cold, but we ended her session by splashing in the water, getting creative, and having fun.


22. Ben & Kim

Ben & Kim had us cracking up hearing their stories from the moment we met them. The most memorable thing about their session was how well and quickly we clicked with them! Afterwards when we went out for tacos, and I didn’t want the night to end. I love this intimate moment of their noses touching while they sit in a field together, flowers in her hair and all. They look like they could be in a book, or magazine together.


23. Taylor Wedding

Bobby and Rocky again, this time as newlyweds! This was a candid moment after a group shot with the bridal party. I love how focused they are on each other, while life around them keeps going. Plus the reactions of the people around them, made this image my favorite.


24. Evan & Kristina

Definitely my vote for the couple with the coolest hair! Evan had just cut his hair before this session, and it was still super long! Kristina of course looked so gorgeous, her red hair is so pretty and was curled perfectly. I love this candid moment of them talking and giggling with each other.


25. Carly & Dave

One of our favorite weekends of 2018 for sure. We had never been to this section of the east coast before, and we spent 3 days of quality time with Carly and Dave. This is my favorite image, taken in Shenandoah National Park on the most beautiful foggy June day.


26. Smith Wedding

You may recognize these two from earlier! I love this photo, although taken mid afternoon, we were able to use the areosol in the coolest way and create this rad image for Tara and Alex to cherish.


27. Meade Elopement

Our first elopement! A very beautiful day in Cincinnati, these two chose to keep their wedding very simple and got married with just a few close loved ones around. I love this moment of total and complete love and comfort between these two.


28. Young Wedding

And here we come to what I would say my best image of 2018 is. These photos of David’s reacting to seeing his bride, Brett, was the first time I’ve ever been virally recognized. It was featured on Dirty Boots & Messy Hair, Authentic Love Mag (twice), & She Said Yes just to name a few. Altogether reaching over 1,000,000 followers across all accounts. It was especially a cool moment for me while in line for a concert talking with strangers about my job, I pulled up my Instagram and the two girls recognized the picture of David! This day was extremely special to me for many reasons, and a big career defining moment for me.


29. Rice Wedding

My first champagne pop photo! This photo was featured on Davids Bridal, and many people pointed out how much they loved the heart that was formed from the champagne just above their heads. What are the odds!


30. Destefani Wedding

This one is simple, I LOVED Bryna’s dress and veil. Her details were gorgeous and had many vintage aspects. This spot was so perfect with the sun, taken and Lake Lyndsey. Aren’t they gorgeous?!


31. Daniel & Yeilyn

We actually get to see these two in just a few days at their wedding! I chose this one because of Daniel’s reaction to seeing this set. After I had them goof around and be silly with each other I showed these images to them in the back of my camera, Daniel expressed how grateful he was that they had photos of them just being them. He said it felt and looked so natural.


32. Lexie & Ryley

Lexie and Ryley are such a neat couple, after meeting them and getting to know them I am so impressed by them. They both went through a major weight loss prior to this session, and were excited to have photos that showed the results of their journey. Look at the strength they have together.


33. Wurth Wedding

One of my favorite weddings of the year! This photo was also featured on a blog by Dirty Boots & Messy Hair about having a unique wedding dress. Maya’s dress was handmade to fit her vintage vision, and the flowers in her hair matched her hippie personality. This image shows off the joy they have as becoming husband and wife, and all the gorgeous details in her dress and shoes.


34. Sean & Nicole

This was a tough choice, but I chose this image because I love the simple connection between them. Their pinkies laced together as they walk towards the waterfall, and seeing the tattoos on the back of their arms personifying their personalities, this is a photo I can look at and feel their story.


35. Anna, Ava, and Elliot

This is my sister in law with her daughter, in her arms, and her son in her tummy. Anna and Ava have a very special bond, and I adore this precious moment shared between them by a waterfall.


36. Bieller Wedding

I of course love a good sunset photo. This sunset came through for us at the LAST second. It had been raining all day, and I was sure we wouldn’t be getting a good sunset. At the last minute these beautiful colors popped up in the sky, and I snuck them away from their reception for some photos next to the lake.


37. Hammann Wedding

Kylie and Lucas were unsure how this photo would turn out, but they trusted my vision and he picked her up and spun around with her. Her dress looked GORGEOUS, and I particularly love how Lucas is closing his eyes as he holds her so tight.


38. Abby, Aliyah, & Skyler

Three best friends who wanted to have a fun, laid back, and creative photo shoot together. Although I got many images of them all laughing together, I love the intensity in all of their faces in this one, they are staring right into my lens.


39. Heather

Heather is my old boss, and now we both are working in creative industries. She’s now running a blog which I’ll link below, and hired me to do some photos of her for her website and social media. We got really good golden light this evening, I love getting naturally super warm images like this. They remind me of summer and golden streets at sunset.


40. Carpenter Wedding

This is easily my favorite dress shot I’ve ever taken. This window, the light and colors behind, I had a vision for this and ran with it. It turned out flawlessly, better than I expected! Honestly really proud of this image.


41. Decker Wedding

Ain’t no party like an Iowa party! I love when couples choose to take the time between their ceremony and reception to go out to some bars, or bowling, or whatever they want with their friends. We had a blast following them in the party bus to their favorite local bars, and we threw together this fun group shot with their bridal party.


42. Sam & Hayley

Nothing like some steamy greenhouse love! Sam and Hayley are genuinely just the coolest kindest people, we had so much fun getting to know them on this session. This image was a standout to me, and online everyone seemed to love it the most when I posted it a few months back.


43. Howell Wedding

I got this in one take. That’s right, ONE take. I posed them, threw her veil up, and it fell SOOOO freaking perfectly I instantly knew I got the shot. How does perfection like this happen?! This location was so unique as well, an abandoned cabin and shed on the property of where they got married at! We love Iowa.


43. Jake & Mackenzie

We had a short but fun filled session with these two in one of my favorite places in the world. We are SO excited to be shooting their wedding in Alaska (that’s right, ALASKA) in 2020! Also after their session, we took them out to Chick-fil-a and they confessed they had never been before. I love remembering that we took them to their first Chick-fil-a!


44. Hannah

I get such Frida Kahlo vibes from this picture. I showed her the back of my camera and told her that, and she said it was one of the best complements anyone could give her because she loves Frida. That’s why I chose this image!


45. Jones Wedding

Caleb & Christy had an adorable DIY backyard wedding on Caleb’s parents property. The handmade wooden benches especially stuck out to me, and it just so happened that after the ceremony we were getting AMAZING light in this one spot. We busted out the aerosol, and made this magic happen. These two are also expecting a baby now!


46. Johannah & Kyle

We came down to Tennessee to do this fun waterfall session with Johannah and Kyle for their anniversary. I love the emotion in this image of them holding each other, with the wind from the rushing waterfall moving her skirt and hair.


47. Seth & Sierra

Seth is one of our closest friends from high school. We are so honored and excited to be shooting their wedding this year! Seth plays guitar and they both have great singing voices, I put them in this spot in the window of their first apartment and we let them have a few minutes of singing and being together while we captured this adorable authentic moment.


48. Shelby

I love taking portraits of people with unique eyes, and unique hair. Both times I’ve shot with Shelby she’s had this fire red hair, but it was on this session I noticed the intensity of her gorgeous blue eyes. This photo captures both, and it was taking in front of someones fence in the Oregon district. This is one of those locations where I noticed a subtle beauty in the surroundings, and adding Shelby into it highlighted and perfected the image.


49. Holt Wedding

I am always here for some good golden hour light. Hannah and Brian had the perfect light the end their perfect day. Greens and golds are a favorite color combinations of mine!


50. Leeper Wedding

This image is one of my favorites of the whole year and was featured on LooksLikeFilm. They told me many times that for their wedding day they wanted golden hour photos so bad. Unfortunately their day was very overcast and moody, and the sunset spot I chose was flooded so we couldn’t even get there. But I had an idea to make their vision happen. I quickly told Jeremiah what to do, and took them around a corner while he set up. They were SO surprised when we showed them these results! A real life lemonade situation I am very proud of.


51. Brooke & Tyler

I love when couples have contrasting features, and that was something I wanted to personify in this image. I put them in this gorgeous weeping willow off trail on an apple orchard, and had them look at me straight on, I love the result so much.


52. Eve

Eve is one of the nicest sweetest people I’ve ever met. She’s so wise and mature, I love the time we got to spend on her senior photos. I particularly love this photo highlighting the red tones in her hair, her deep soul, and her eyes.


53. Josiah & Noelle

We’ve known Josiah for most of our lives. Getting to spend quality 2 on 2 time with them on this session was my favorite memory we’ve made with this precious couple. This location and light was so amazing as well, we couldn’t have imagined a more perfect setting.


54. Hilderbrant Wedding

We don’t always get sunshine or subtle cloudy weather, some days the weather is just really bad. High mile winds, and pouring ran. We were stuck inside shooting all day, which was a challenge, but a challenge I was ready for. When we first got to this venue, I searched around and noticed the patio lights on the back porch, figured out how to turn them on, and put it in the back of my mind. A small detail that totally changed the atmosphere of this photo, and I love how it turned out.


55. Phil & Ellen

I’m learning as I go through this blog, I really like hugs. They’re comforting, intimate, meaningful touch exchanged through two people who care about each other. I love how Phil is taking care of Ellen in this photo, protecting her, and caring for her. They are a perfect match.


56. Mark & Marissa

Ahhh these two! We had the coolest coincidence that made this session happen. They live in Virginia, and we live in Ohio, but it just so happened when Mark inquired to us that we were ALL going to New York that upcoming weekend! We changed our plans to come a day earlier, and met up with them in Times Square for and pizza and a quick high pace shoot. They’re freaking gorgeous, and New York looks so good on them.


57. Arastasia & Justin

These two have become really good friends of ours, we even went to their Friendsgiving and Stasia helped me pick the song for the blog which you can view here. This is my favorite because I’ve been trying to nail this kind of image for a while, never quite getting it in the perfect way. Until this photo happened. Brooklyn art, passerby’s, and the looks they’re exchanging between each other, definitely one of my best of 2018.


58. Reed Wedding

I have been so excited to see how this wedding would turn out for literally over a year. Jordan told me her vision of a night wedding, decorated with unique lighting and carpets, plus accents of rose gold throughout. She told me about this at our first meeting, and getting these photos of them sitting on the carpet, just relaxing together while showcasing all the details on their wedding day. Perfection, I love this one.


59. Patrick Wedding

I rarely post bridal party pictures, I often lean more towards couples portraits and the details of the day. But I really love how these bridal party photos turned out, the skyline of Dayton in the back, everyone walking and talking together is my favorite photos to do with a bridal party. This one turned out so beautifully! Also this wedding will be getting it’s own blog coming soon, stay updated!


60. Violet & Aaron

Late October, I started advertising that I only would be taking on one more shoot before the end of the year. Violet texted me and said she an Aaron would take it! On their shoot, she told me the apartment across the hall just opened up. Not two weeks later, I moved in and became her neighbor! This was our first time meeting Aaron, and it was such a great start to our friendship with these two.

155A9780 (2).JPG

61. Anna

Anna is genuinely one of the bubbliest most outgoing people I’ve ever met. I love this photo of her, it shows one of her brief moments of seriousness, and she has that classic kind of gorgeous you’d see in an old Hollywood film.


62. Kaitlyn

On Kaitlyn’s shoot, I described her as a Golden Goth. She has a love for dark colors and style, but the brightest gold hair you’ve ever seen. I love the mixture of dark and light in this photo matching her personality.



63. Marisha

Marisha & I instantly bonded over our love of makeup and talked about our favorite beauty gurus and pallets coming out. She looks so cool in this photo, she’s sitting in a cliff yet being so confident and intense.


64. Sarah & Zack

We went to the Toledo Art Museum to spend time living a normal day with these two, and to see this beautiful hanging flower exhibit. While walking through, I noticed Zack pull out a phone to take a photo of his fiance. She laughed, and in that moment I knew this was something he did often. I snapped a shot of this natural moment between them, I adore this real moment.


65. Shelby & Riley

So many good ones from this session, Shelby and Riley had rediculously perfect weather and looked so good. I love the warm light advancing across the field, and the smile she’s showing while closing her eyes as he holds her.


66. Martinelli Wedding

This wedding was so SO amazing, and I can’t wait to finish editing it and share it with you all on a blog. They did their first look on the lake, and I could not believe how blue these waters were. The contrast between the blue of the waters, and the unique black rocks on the shore, it reminds me of Iceland. The colors in the picture blows my mind for it being late November in Ohio.


67. Bowen Wedding

This is one of those shots that you get, and then immediately look at your camera to make sure you got just the right moment. Ben and Kim high fiving each other as they sit down for dinner following their ceremony, it’s such a fast moment that easily could’ve been missed. This shows their personalities so perfectly, two best friends who just did something really awesome.


68. Megan & Brock

These two are the cutest, happiest Disney employees you’ll ever meet. Megan used to live in Ohio, and moved down to Florida to work at Disney, where she met Brock. They let us stay with them in Florida, and we had a super fun shoot with them on a trail behind on of the resorts. This photo was one of those “Wait for it…” moments, the sun kept popping in and out from behind a cloud. I put them in this spot, and waited for the sun to come out and light up the branches around them with magical gold.


69. Eccles Wedding

Last but most certainly not least, Sean and Nicole’s Florida brewery wedding. I couldn’t believe my eyes while I was taking the photos of their ceremony, this has got to be the cutest ceremony I’ve ever seen. Seeing all the details Nicole had described to me in her initial email come together so flawlessy, I was awestruck. We ended 2018 with a bang, and again I cannot wait to share this story in a blog!


If you made it all the way to the end of this blog, I am seriously impressed! You just saw an entire years worth of my work. We photographed 25 weddings this year, and did many more engagement sessions and portrait sessions. We are gearing up for the 2019 season, and can’t wait to see what this year has in store. Be sure to check out our travel dates to see where we’re going this year, and be sure to shoot us an email if you’re interested in working with us!

Happy new year everyone!