Bobby & Raquel| Dreamy forest engagement


WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN WITH THESE TWO. I knew Bobby and Raquel separately since my early teenage years, but they didn't meet each other until a few years ago. They met through a mutual friend, and when I saw they were dating my first thought was "Yup, they're perfect for each other".

In November, I saw Bobby at a concert and he told me about his plans to propose to Rocky. I was so ecstatic! They got engaged, and I was honored when they asked me to be apart of their special day and capture their wedding.

Bobby is simply put, a total goofball. He never ceases to make everyone in a room laugh and be the center of attention, but he's also very deep and insightful. He's a musician, missionary, youth leader, and will never hesitate to talk you through whatever situation life hands you. Raquel is one of the sweetest, kindest people I've ever met. Her laughter fills any room, and she's always looking out for others, offering up encouragement and prayer.

These two are a power couple I look up to and admire very much. This day we spent with them was so fun, I would pose them and they would laugh and goof around with each other for minutes on end until I posed them a new way. They were totally natural in front of the camera, comfortable with each other, and I screamed with excitement basically the whole time because each shot was SO fire!

At the end of the session, Bobby brought his guitar out and I asked them to sing a song together. Their voices filled the forest in perfect harmony, traveling up the tall pines and around their trunks. I've attached the same song that they were singing, take a listen and enjoy this story.

Christina Hartzell