david & allie | artistic Cincinnati wedding


David and Allie had one of the most unique weddings we've ever attended, and are two very special people to us. When Allie contacted me a year ago to be her wedding photographer, I was beyond excited! Their wedding was going to be in Cincinnati since they are both from the Midwest, but her and David were currently living in Austin Texas. This was very exciting to me, because this meant we were going to have our very first destination session!

We flew down to Austin over the summer and spent 4 whole days with David and Allie. This was one of my favorite engagement sessions, I felt like I truly got to know these two and I'll never forget the genuine connection we made with them and quality time we spent together.

Then on January 6th 2018, we were finally reunited to shoot their wedding! This whole day was so beautiful, and it started with getting ready in Cincinnati's cutest Airbnb's! We had eggs, pancakes, and popped open a champagne for mimosas. In the backyard of Allie's airbnb, the neighboring home had a gorgeous red brick wall with unique windows. The shots I took there are definitely some of my favorites of the whole day! Allie trusted my and my artistic vision fully, and was not afraid to step into the cold for some awesome photos.

The church where they held their ceremony reminded us of an old sailboat, the ceiling was wooden with small chandeliers hanging from the top, and tall stained glass windows letting in a multitude of colors. David and Allie cried through the ceremony, sang songs, quoted The Office, and exchanged some of the best vows I've ever heard.

One of the things I appreciated most about David & Allie, is how they prioritized and made special time for photos. They didn't choose to do a first look, but really wanted to make their photos special so they left enough time for us to go out and explore Cincinnati in the January cold.

The reception venue was... well, to put it simply, the most amazing best place EVER. It was held in The Mockbee, which is an old German distillery built into a hillside that has been turned into a venue. One tunnel was perfectly decorated for their reception, with a little stage and room for dancing. The other tunnel featured modern art done by local artists, making it even more unique. I thought this was so fitting to their personalities, because David and Allie are both very unique and artistic people. 

We are so blessed to have taken David & Allie's photos, but even more, we are blessed to have met them and become their friends.

Enjoy their wedding story!