Bowen Wedding | Nighttime Winter Midwest Barn Wedding

We met Ben and Kim back in May for their engagement session. They are two people that we clicked with instantly and easily, they had us dying laughing the whole session. Everything from the story about how they met, up to her accidentally cutting off his toe a week earlier (yes, that REALLY happened). We ended the night with tacos and margaritas until well after dark, it was a perfect spring day. We shot their wedding in December, it was our first wedding we shot after we ourselves got married, so the feelings were so fresh. I asked Kim how she felt, had her gush all the feelings to me, and it was the first time I could relate and know how she was feeling.

Ben & Kim got married at a dark wood stained barn near Indianapolis. There was snow outside, but not too cold to go out for some pictures. The girls had elegant different colored dresses with unique beading on each one, and white fuzzy shawls to keep them warm. Kim wore an old sentimental tan fur that goes back generations in her family. The guys gave the ring bearers sunglasses and of course proper ring security credentials. Kim made their own cake, and did such a fabulous job. While the girls got ready, I took pictures of Kim getting her makeup done and the room was constantly filled with laughter and joy. I got to hear some of the funniest stories I’ve ever heard from her mom, sister, and best friends.

After Kim’s mom and sister helped get her into her dress, she went downstairs for a first look with her dad, and then to a no look with Ben. I took a few photos of their no look, and then left them alone to read letters to each other. I love when couples decide to take their day slow, and share special moments between only the two of them.

As the sun set and dusk came, the ceremony started inside the barn. The pastor stood in the aisle, and told more stories attesting to how silly and perfect Ben and Kim are for each other. The rest of the evening was filled with wouldn’t you bet, more hilarious stories about these two. Everyone ate, drank, danced their hearts out, and celebrated the newlyweds with some iconic 90’s hits and of course, the soundtrack to The Greatest Showman.

This day was so filled with personality, and I love the challenge and beauty of shooting night weddings. We took all the bridal party pictures and bride and groom portraits outside after it was already dark, and I’m so proud of how these pictures turned out. Truly a perfect winter barn wedding in the Midwest.