Delk Wedding | Ohio Summer Backyard Barn Wedding

One of the questions we always ask our couples on their engagement session is how their proposal went down. When we asked Logan, we were not expecting the epic amazing story they had in store for us! Logan surprised Erin with a trip to Iceland, literally swept her away onto a plane without telling her where they were going. She figured it out when they were in their seats, and the fly attendant announced where they were landing in Iceland. They spent a few days exploring the unique landscapes of one of the most beautiful countries in the world, staying in awesome Airbnb’s, driving the coast, all accompanied by Logan’s brother. When Logan asked Erin to marry him, it was on a cliff he had specifically picked out before their trip. He proposed at sunset, and Logan’s brother (who was also his best man) was nearby to take the photos and capture the moment.

Is that not one of the best proposals you’ve ever heard? This story left me in awe, I can imagine them growing old together and telling their grandchildren about all their adventures, and the time he proposed in ICELAND. Fast forward to the wedding day, Logan and Erin got married on Logan’s grandparents farm, in a barn tucked nearby. It was the perfect Midwest barn wedding, complete with cornhole, a popsicle stand, a polaroid guest book, and beautiful décor provided by Something Old Dayton. We took their couple portraits across the street in a private foresty area they fondly call “Walmart”. For sunset, we climbed a silo with them to watch the last pieces of light fade beyond the soy bean fields.

I’m so happy these two found each other, & I’m excited for the many more adventures ahead of them!