Emily & DJ | Spring Atlanta Gardens Engagement Session

I love getting that initial inquiry email from couples, it’s one of the best feelings. Every single time I see a new one in our inbox I get excited! But I especially get excited when a couple takes the time to pour into their initial email and tell me their story, and all the details of their wedding day. It makes me feel valued, I love reading the story online and then getting to hear so much more in person. Emily poured her heart out to me in the first email, and I immediately felt a connection.

Emily & DJ are getting married on a small island off the South Carolina coast. This place is very special to Emily, because she spent every summer there with her grandparents growing up. In her email she opened up to me about her life growing up, and how this island was her special paradise she could look forward to always. It’s the perfect place for them to get married, Emily said she couldn’t imagine it anywhere else.

We met up in Atlanta at a local park tucked away behind a beautiful rich historic neighborhood. Everything in Georgia was in bloom, green was sprouting everywhere and colorful flowers were at every corner. I immediately noticed how much Emily looks like Kristen Bell’s long lost twin, apparently she gets that a lot and you’ll see why! DJ is a firefighter, and together they are such a dream couple. We spent the morning wandering around the gardens with them, and hearing all about their lives in Georgia and relationship together. My favorite thing we learned about them was the proposal story. DJ proposed to Emily in the most epic way, a hunt of clues that lasted an entire day, and ended in the rain with fairy lights, a gazebo, even firetrucks! She thought he was going to be at work all day, so when he got out of that firetruck and walked her to the gazebo she was completely surprised!

I am beyond excited to shoot their wedding in South Carolina next year. Imagine these two with an island sunset standing under a spanish moss tree, PERFECTION. I can’t wait!