Draza & Craig | Hocking Hills Engagement Session

“My fiancé and I are low maintenance, beer-drinking tree lovers and our wedding will probably be the same. We love to love, and we love to have fun, and we’d basically like to avoid posed pictures as much as possible. Craig is from Wyoming and I'm from Colorado and we met in Seattle, lived in North Carolina for a year, and now residents of Columbus, Ohio!”

This was a part of Draza’s first message to me, I immediately knew we would get along so well! A big part of my photography philosophy is avoiding ‘posed’ pictures as much as possible, and instead leading our couples through an authentic fun photo session meant to bring out their natural selves. When Draza said they were beer lovers, she was not kidding! They rolled up to the parking lot of Hocking Hills with a truck filled with outfits, hats, a rug from Morocco, a guitar, and of course beers. She asked me what we should bring, and I said all of it!

It was the most empty I’ve ever seen the park, which really allowed us to comfortably roam the trails with their dog & eventually break out the beers. Sometimes you need a little liquid courage for your shoot, & we say cheers to that! 🍻 We laid the rug down on the log, and they cracked open their Coors and drank while they sang songs together. I love making couples feel 100% free and comfortable to be themselves, and really let their personalities shine in their photos. This session is a perfect example of our natural style, as well as the personalities of the two fun loving people!