Earth Day

Happy Earth Day everyone! In honor of Earth Day, I wanted to put out a short little blog with some of my favorite landscapes I’ve taken over my career, and talk a bit about my love for this planet.

Truly I feel 100% like I am my most authentic and best self when I’m out traveling and enjoying nature. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s snowing, raining, dry heat, whatever. I just want to be out in it, experiencing life on our planet to the fullest.

Something that’s extremely important to me is that we take care of the places we visit, and leave it better than we found it. I myself have sometimes failed in being respectful to the outdoors. But even though I’m not perfect, there are steps we can all take to care for our home and make it better for our children and grandchildren. I wanted to share with you all the Leave No Trace seven principles that we implement when exploring, as well as link to their website for some more information. I hope you all enjoy these beautiful pictures, & let’s all work together to preserve these places we are gifted with!

The Leave No Trace Seven Principles

  • Plan ahead and prepare

  • Travel on durable surfaces

  • Dispose of wast properly

  • Leave what you find

  • Minimize campfire impact

  • Respect wildlife

  • Be considerate of others