Jordyn & Brett | Sunset Waterfall Engagement Session

There’s moments as a photographer, where you get so excited and in awe at what nature has created you’re literally screaming while taking photos. Or maybe that’s just me… but we’ll say everyone does it! I couldn’t believe how beautiful and magical the mist of water looked while the golden rays of sunshine streamed through. Nature just being the incredible thing it is, and of course these two beautiful people make it even better.

Jordyn & Brett met on Tinder two years ago. She's a tattoo artist, and he's a musician. When I asked Brett his first impression of her profile, he told us he swore he was being catfished! He couldn't believe she was a real person, she was too perfect for him in every way. Their first date, she begged him to bring his guitar to her apartment. He brought it, and then after some coaxing she got him to play her a song. They were in love instantly, and started their relationship right then and there.

Here they are two years later getting ready to get married this fall, and WOW I am so excited for their wedding! Their favorite memory together is going to see a live production of The Exorcist in London, so clearly they’re into dark and spooky things. To have a wedding that is unique and completely authentic to them, they’ve decided to have an all black theme. Jordyn has a gorgeous black wedding dress instead of traditional white, and their reception is going to be a masquerade! My jaw dropped while they were telling me about this, it’s truly making my Phantom of the Opera dreams come true. I can’t imagine anything more perfect for them! I am SO excited not only to photograph it, but to be apart of such an incredibly fun night.

Now that you know a bit about Jordyn and Brett, take a look at their beautiful pine forest + golden misty waterfall engagement session.