Mads & Lochlen | Ohio State Fair Engagement Session

The initial inquiry I get from a couple tells me a lot about them, and so much about the potential connection we’ll have. There is nothing I love when then when couples take the time to write their story, and tell me details about how the met, their relationship, and their dream for their wedding. Mads is a shining example of this in my memory.

She wrote me the longest inquiry I think I’ve ever received. Telling me all about her and Lochlen’s incredible love story. Lochlen is from Australia, and Mads is from Ohio. They met in South Africa while attending a missionary school, but unfortunately they met towards the end of training. Some time passed by and a little down the road, they reunited at a friends wedding in New Zealand and became inseparable. They are now planning to get married in the national forest of Ohio, just a day after I release this blog!

They already had engagement photos taken over seas, so Mads wanted to do something special and unique for their session with us. She mentioned the Ohio State Fair, and visions started filling our heads of cotton candy, funnel cake, ferris wheel rides, and carnival games. That is EXACTLY what we made happen! This day was so so fun, and exactly what I love as a photographer. I love documenting real stories as authentically as possible, so following them on their fun cute at the fair was perfect. It felt more like a double date than an engagement session, everyone was comfortable to relax and have fun + creating beautiful authentic photos as a result.

Mads and Lochlen, I’ve been excited for your wedding since the day I got your inquiry. We’ll see you two again tomorrow!