Sophia & Chad | Malibu Sunset Proposal

I’m so excited to share the story of how and why I booked a flight to LA 36 hours before leaving, and keeping it a big secret from everyone. Buckle up, this is a fun one friends!

It all started last February in Joshua Tree, California. Sophia & Chad met up with us at our Airbnb to model for a styled elopement (Click here to see that story featured over on Hey Wild Weddings!) That day we had them write letters to each other, and do a first look in their wedding clothes. They both cried all day, the emotions were so real. These two are genuinely the most perfect people I’ve ever met in my life, after spending a day getting to know them I fell in love with their story. That night Chad told me he was going to propose to Sophia soon, he was just waiting on the ring and the right timing.

Flash forward a month, I’m back in Ohio and I’ve connected with Sophia’s sister Lexi over Instagram. After delivering the Joshua Tree photos and posting some on Instagram, Lexi felt led to DM me and tell me Chad was planning on proposing to Sophia that weekend! I searched for local photographers who might be able to photograph it, but my heart was tugging at me, telling me I should go. I kept longingly looking at flights, and finally after a day of feeling like this was what I supposed to do, I booked the flight to LA and went on a solo trip for 5 days.

Soon after I arrived Chad and I met up in Malibu and scouted possible locations for the proposal. After a couple stops, we found this spot tucked away on a cliff next to the beach. Yellow poppy flowers bloomed everywhere, and there was an amazing overlook of the spot from above I could watch them from and carry out the plan.

When the day came, Lexi and I hid in her rental car eagerly searching the parking lot to watch them walk down to the spot. We had just a few minutes to sneak down and set up the decor while they walked along the beach. Sophia and Chad came back up from the beach, and he proposed! This is their story.