Martinelli Wedding | Classic Industrial Cleveland Ohio Wedding

We met Casey and Jeff early last year, they welcomed us into their home from the pouring rain for in home engagement session with their two Frenchies Ferdinand and Tuba. We spent the day getting to know them and hitting up some gorgeous local spots.

Fast forward to this cool day in November, their wedding day. It truly was the perfect day, the details were everything. Her dress was made by her favorite designer, his comfortable loafer shoes had black skulls on them, & his suit was made locally. Casey wanted asymmetrical mossy florals, and Twig Florals went above and beyond by creating a ceiling high mossy backdrop for their ceremony. It was stunning. The girls wore classy floor length black dresses that they all chose themselves. They DIY’d many parts of their wedding, and the old factory room was filled with black, gold, and burgundy colors that complemented the cool light coming from the industrial windows. One of my favorite things was the cookie table. In Youngstown Ohio, there is a wedding tradition that instead of having cake, you bake as many kinds of cookies as you can and serve them to the guests. Casey and Jeff told us about this traditional at the engagement session, and believe me, I couldn’t have imagined how many delicious amazing cookies there were. I loved seeing this fun local tradition brought come to life on wedding day!

Their head table was the most jaw dropping GORGEOUS table I’d ever seen. They both sat in regal lounge chairs, the florals were overflowing from their table, and by my favorite element was the neon sign that hung above them reading “Did I ever tell you I love you?”. This is something Jeff says to Casey everyday, and she decided to custom order this neon sign for their wedding and then to hang in their home. I love it, truly the most unique and beautiful element to perfect the already amazing decor.

Casey’s brother Donnie also officiated their wedding, and gave some fun stand up before the processional started. The processional was upbeat, fun, and a little rowdy. When Jeff made his entrance down the aisle, everyone clapped and cheered and some even stood up from their seats. He gave them a first bump to the air to show his enthusiasm, and the cheering got even louder. It mellowed down when Casey and her dad walked down the aisle to “How Long Will I Love You” by Ellie Goulding, which is the song I decided to use for this blog. Tears were shared during the ceremony, especially from Casey and her mom. When they were pronounced husband and wife, instead of leaving immediately they celebrated with a toast. Everyone had a drink in their hand before the ceremony, so at the end the crowd could raise their glasses and celebrate as the Bride and Groom made their exit.

Their ceremony was my favorite part of the day, it was amazing and I wish more weddings would be as lively as this one. Casey and Jeff’s wedding was a dream, a real modern fairytale, I can’t imagine anything that could’ve made it more perfect.