Megan & Brock

After Jeremiah and I got married in California, we headed down to Florida for mini honeymoon before between a wedding we had in Indianapolis one weekend, and Florida the next. Neither of us had even been to Disney, so of course that was at the top of our list. Megan is a friend of mine from High School, I remember when she moved to Disney and everyone thought it was ‘temporary’. Well, it wasn’t temporary. She fell in love with working at Disney and has been living in Orlando for three years.

During this time, she met Brock, another Disney employee. When we asked them about how they met, she said as soon as she saw him she knew she needed him in her life. In true Disney fashion, their love together feels like a fairy tale. They have the same interests, complementing personalities, and fell in love with that first look.

Megan has kept up with my work through the past few years and given me so much encouragement, so staying with them and doing this shoot was an obvious YES from me. Golden light, palm trees, Spanish moss trees, and of course those huge Florida Palm fronds. plus the most perfect sunset on the dock while Disney music played through the speakers, it was magic.