A Day In Moab

Let me tell you about the wildest day of my life.

It started at 8:00am March 1st in Moab, Utah. I woke up to wish my friends who were going skydiving good luck, but something felt unsatisfied in my soul, and I made a really rad spur of the moment decision. 10 minutes later I was on the way out the door with a bowl of yogurt, heading to the airport to go skydiving.

Skydiving is something I’ve told many people I would NEVER do. Willingly jumping out of a plane miles high in the air, with every bone in your body telling you not to jump, didn’t seem like my idea of a good time. But as soon as I was up in the plane, I chose to keep my body and soul calm and instead channel the excitement that existed within me. I knew that no matter what I was getting on the ground by jumping out of that plane, and made the decision to have the best time.

Standing up on the tiny ledge outside the plane and jumping out into free fall is a moment I’ll never forget, there was no fear in me, instead it was all thrill. Watching the plane disappear further away as we did our flips is burned into my memory forever, and that’s just the first part of our day! After skydiving, Ryan & Drew approached us and asked if we were down for another adventure later that same day. Of course, we were. That afternoon we followed them into the desert wilderness, and trekked up to the spot where we did arch swinging, repelling, rock climbing, & fire juggling. We had to hike back and climb down rocks in the dark, with a group of 20+ people and a dog. Such a fun memory of mine!

The next morning we headed into Arches National Park to take some pictures of our friends Emily & Noah at the double arch. I adore these two, they joined us later into the road trip but immediately clicked with everyone and it felt like they’d been there all along. So happy I got to take these beautiful photos of them in Moab! After this trip Noah was inspired to finally start pursuing his passion of music, and even came to Ohio recently to play a show in Cleveland. You can check out his music here.

So thankful for this new group of friends I made on this road trip, we’ve all pushed each other to new heights (literally). The late nights laughing and playing games, early mornings hiking and cooking breakfast together, I never imagined my life with be as cool as this right now. This part of our trip in Moab was such a wild experience, a new part of me has grown there and I cannot wait to go back and experience it all again!

The first two pictures are of me and were taken by my friend Hannah Butler, and the third is a gopro shot from Skydive Moab. The rest is all photos I took. For the song, I chose this one because it always makes me think of Moab. The first time we came, we were driving through Arches National Park with our friend Lauren, and she put this song on and talked about how much she loved the band. This song always makes me think of that exciting first feeling I felt in Moab.