Mya & Chris | Blue Dome Arts District & Gloss Mountain Oklahoma Engagement Session

Jeremiah and I recently went on a month long road trip driving from Ohio all the way to California and back. The very first stop on our trip, was in Tulsa Oklahoma to see Mya & Chris! These two were so much fun and so sweet, I loved every second of the couple days we got to spend with them. Chris let us stay in his house, and the first night we got there they both waited up late to greet us. We talked about their biggest passions which are basketball, & the local education system. I learned so much. These two complement each other so well, and I admire the work they do for their community and how they pursue the things they love.

The first part of their engagement session was in the Blue Dome Arts District in Tulsa Oklahoma. We wandered the streets and got creative with the skyscrapers, murals, and even electrical boxes. The next day we woke up hours before dawn to drive out to Gloss Mountain State Park. None of us could believe this place existed in Oklahoma! The rocks were red and orange with white streaks of salt going through them, it looked like we were on Mars!

We spent hours hiking up the hills of the park and exploring it’s beauty before finally saying goodbye, and Jeremiah and I headed off to our next stop. Being with Mya and Chris was so fun and the best way to start this trip, we absolutely love the multi-day engagement sessions. Thank you to them for opting to have their session in Oklahoma and welcoming us into their home!