August 25th, 2017

A week earlier, I was contacted by Nick who told me about his plan to propose to Rachel. He wanted it to be somewhere special, with a waterfall, and wanted me to be there to photograph it. This was one of the moments in my career where I've felt most honored, I was ecstatic to be apart of this moment with them.

We plotted and planned the big day, and he told Rachel that he hired me for do a photo shoot with them for their anniversary. He sent me a screenshot of the texts they exchanged, and her excitement radiated. We anxiously awaited the day.

I met them at Brandywine Falls in Cuyahoga Valley, we discussed their date at the Cleveland Art Museum prior to us meeting and I tried my best to "act natural". We hopped over the guard rail, and went down to a rock that was perfectly positioned in front of the water fall. I started posing them naturally, and after a minute posed Rachel in a way so she was facing away from him. This was Nick's cue to get down on one knee, and tell her to turn around.

She turned around and was completely surprised! It went perfectly, and of course, she said Yes!

I am truly so honored to have been apart of this moment with them, I've adored these two as a couple for years and am lucky to have known them as long as I have. Words can only go so far to describe this experience, so below you can see the photos and be apart of their story as well. 

"Somewhere in the distance,
a voice is being born
from the life in your kiss.
And all the valleys that were in my way,
led me to this day"