you’re marring your best friend, that is so awesome!

We’re as stoked as you are that you’re getting married, and we would LOVE to shoot your wedding! Making the promise and commitment to love each other forever without conditions is so incredible and deserves to be celebrated. We want to be alongside celebrating with you and capturing the best memories of the most amazing day of your life! Cheers to you for saying yes to each other and making this rad decision to live life together. Photography pricing for weddings start at $3,000, and it is an $1,500 increase on any package to include videography. If you're interested in having us be your wedding photographer or videographer and wish to know more about our pricing, click HERE to contact us. Let us know what your budget is so we can discuss specifics!

WE WANT to be more than just your wedding photographers

We want more than anything to build a real personal relationship with our couples. To help make this happen, along with any wedding package, we offer a complimentary engagement session to help us all get to know each other better and be more comfortable on the wedding day. We don’t want to be some strangers there on your wedding day, but instead we want to be your friends!

let’s go on an adventure!

We also love doing destination engagement sessions, they could be as little as an hour away or several states away. We've gone all over the states for adventure engagement sessions that have lasted multiple days. The more time we have with you the better! The engagement session is so important because it allows us to spend quality time together away from distractions, capturing the rawest of moments, and making the best of memories together. If you’re a couple that loves hiking, exploring, rock climbing, whatever it may be we’re down for a rad trip with you two to your dream destination!



hey friend, we’ve been there, we eloped too!

First of all, if you’ve made the beautiful decision to elope, big congratulations! Jeremiah and I also eloped, and we know what an incredible and special decision that is. We are also here to be more than photographers for you! Since I’ve been through the process of planning my own elopement, I know how confusing and isolating it can be and I don’t want any of my clients to feel that. No matter where you’re at in the planning process, I would love to talk to you and help you through this! If you have a location or not, have no idea about permitting, weather restrictions, whatever it is I’m here to guide you towards your perfect dream wedding day!

making the non traditional decision to elope is something to be massively celebrated!

We’re so excited for you two! Whether you have no guests, or decide you want a few close loved ones alongside you, we loved how intimate and personal elopements are. Choosing the non traditional route and having a wedding that is truly and fully you deserves to be celebrated! We’re there to bring the champagne, cheer when you have that first kiss, and heck we may cry a little too during your vows. We’ll hike and spend the day or multiple days with you capturing those perfect memories. This is your wedding, there’s no rules, traditions, or timeline you have to follow, you can literally do whatever you want!

So, let’s chat about how we can make your perfect day! Click here to contact us and we’ll start a conversation. Don’t be shy, ask us anything we’re here to give you all our expertise!



Just need a couple session, engagement session, or portrait session? I still got you fam! I divide my price up by time, choose which amount of time best applies to your need.

60 Minute Session
Client receives a minimum of 40 photos

90 Minute session
Recommended for seniors
Client receives minimum of 70 photos

120 Minute Session
Recommended for engagements
Client receives minimum of 100 photos



Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I forgo the engagement session, will that make my wedding package cheaper?
    Since the engagement session is complementary, it does not affect wedding package pricing. You have the option of doing it or not, we love it because it gives our couples an opportunity to see how we work prior to the wedding day and get more comfortable in front of the camera with us. If we’re unable to do the engagement session with you two, we at least like to meet up for dinner or have a lengthy skype call to talk face to face and get to know you! Knowing our couples on a personal level is a vital part of how we run out business.

  • How many shooters do I get at my wedding or elopement?

    Two! Jeremiah and I always work together, we feel this is truest to our brand and what we’re happiest with. Through experience of separating to do weddings in one day apart from each other, we were both unhappy with that and felt like each other was missing. So no matter what you get both Christina & Jeremiah!

  • What all is included if I choose to add on videography?
    You will receive a short sneak peek video, and the edited wedding film. The sneak peak is less than one minute long, and you receive this in the week following your wedding. Next up is the wedding film! This is excellent for social media sharing and is usually around 8-12 minutes long, but we’ve had them last up to 17 minutes before! Length depends on how many hours we’re hired for, as well as how long the vows, speeches, toasts, etc. are.

  • How many photos will I receive with my wedding?
    Since every wedding is different I can’t promise an exact number, but usually between 500-900! These are delivered to you through an online gallery and are fully downloadable from there.

  • How does travel work?
    We do our best to make travel as budget friendly as possible, since we’re always on the go we’re often able to fold multiple shoots into one trip so there is no travel costs! You can check out our current traveling dates by clicking here, but even if you don’t see your location on there still contact us and we’ll work it out! If your wedding or elopement is out of the country, we ask our flights and board be covered. We’re willing to stay with family members or friends in the area to keep costs lower, and can work with you to find affordable options!

  • Once I receive my photos, how do I go about getting prints done?
    Currently we are not offering prints or photo books. Any client will receive a Digital Use & Print Release signed by me in your contract. This gives you full permission to share your photos on social media as you please, as well as you and your family can orders prints through whatever business you choose. We recommend, I always get my prints and photo books through them and have been very happy with the results!

If you have any questions please contact us here and let us know what we can answer for you!