The Rosfelds | Spring Midwest Woodsy Elopement

Let’s talk about elopements ❤️

May 1st 2019, Chase & Yoojin got married in a small local park in Ohio. Chase has gone here hundreds of times throughout his life, it's an incredibly special place to him. As a kid, his elementary school took the students to this park and taught them how to fish and boat. As an adult, he spent many of his days hiking through this park praying and wondering about who he was going to marry. It was the perfect place for them to say their vows, a place they can come back to over and over again with their kids someday. They can have a picnic at the same spot they exchanged vows, or hammock with a view of the river.

Chase & Yoojin have a story of new beginnings. They both had a difficult past before coming to Christ, and eventually meeting each other. Even as early as the first hour of their first date, they both knew without a doubt this was the person they were going to marry.

Not only was this location perfect for them because of the sentimental value, but because of the atmosphere as well. Just a week before, not much was in bloom and the forest was looking very dull. They were afraid it wouldn’t look very pretty on their wedding day, but they trusted it would be perfect. When their day came, spring was in the air, and everything was perfectly in bloom. Spring is about new beginnings, new chances, new life. I believe this is what Chase and Yoojin have found in each other.

We travel a lot and share many stories from all over the country. But Ohio is our home, the people and stories here are apart of us. So here's some love to my fellow Midwestern folk! Eloping is so so special, and deserves to be celebrated as much as any other wedding! We may not have mountains or super amazing scenery, but there are many reasons to elope right here in our home state. Above all else we are storytellers, and love stories like these deserve to be shared ❤️