Jeremiah and I sitting on an icy cliff in Zion National Park.

Jeremiah and I sitting on an icy cliff in Zion National Park.

One thing you know about us if you’ve read our about page is we LOVE traveling. We’re always on the go, it often feels to our family and friends that every weekend we’re somewhere different. It’s a busy lifestyle, but we love it so much. It allows us to come meet you wherever you are, or wherever you want to be. We adore destination weddings and elopements, but destination engagement sessions are very special to us as well! We’ve spent up to four days with our couples before on an engagement session adventure. We’re down to have an amazing road trip with you and explore an awesome place!

Below are our current travel dates for this year and next, if you want to meet us at one of the places while we’re there, awesome! If there’s somewhere your heart is yearning for that’s not on the list, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know what you’re thinking!

Travel Dates:

August: Yosemite, Tennessee, Colorado
September: Colorado
October: Pennsylvania/Virginia
November: Tennessee
December: Florida

January-March:  Japan, South Korea, Thailand & China.
June: Iowa, South Carolina
September: Alaska

Bucket List:

New countries: Venezuela (Angel Falls), Iceland, China, Japan, India, The Maldives, New Zealand, Israel, Italy, Greece, Canada, Switzerland.
New states: Alaska, Montana, & Hawaii.