The Channell Wedding Film

The Eccels Wedding Film

The Patrick Wedding Film

Bryna and CJ were married on the 6th of July, it was a beautiful day and a fantastic wedding, so many fond memories were created, We had starbucks coffee while we're getting prepared. it was a fun mix of work and time spent with friends, this couple is very important to Christina and I, they have been so supportive and encouraging, and I hope that this film shows you the incredible beauty of Bryna & CJ relationship.

Dance Party - The Burns

I had never seen a group of people so excited and involved celebrating after a wedding. I could tell that this was a close group of friends. and family. The intimacy of the Mockbee venue was unique & one-of-a-kind. The small tunnels had two long tables on which friends and family shared a meal and conversations. A little stage gave the guests a better view of the talented musicians who preformed that night. The dance floor grew larger as more people joined in. Tables and chairs were moved to include even more people. It was a night I was very glad to be apart of.

Every wedding is different, and this wedding was no exception. On new years eve two people had decided that the best way to celebrate the year is to celebrate a marriage. And then model the wedding's theme after the classic movie "The Great Gatsby". I greatly enjoyed meeting Tyler and Michaela. It was fun to see a couple with so much excitement. I could tell the couple, friends and family worked very hard to make everything the best it could be. This made it evermore rewarding to capture each moment to save and remember at a different time.
The Fiore wedding truly was a meaningful day for all who could be apart of it. Every detail was magnificent. The hotel where every one was getting ready was beautifully decorated. The snow was gracefully falling, and the town of Mount Vernon dressed to complement that. The Quarry Chapel had stained glass windows held in place by stone walls. a few industrial grade heaters brought warmth to the old building. All of the invited family and friends filled in the seats. And the couple had their ceremony in a chapel now warm and full of life. I greatly enjoyed being able to film this wedding. It was exciting from the beginning shot of the earrings and shoes, to the last with the sparklers and goodbyes. Every moment had something that needed saved and treasured for another time.