Wurth Wedding | Vintage Boho Hippie Inspired Summer Wedding

Admittedly, last year I was not the best about blogging my work. I averaged one blog every two months, which was not enough to show off all my amazing couples! This year in April, I commited to blogging every single week, which has been going amazing! However every week when I’ve been putting up my new work, there was one specific wedding from 2018 that I couldn’t get out of my mind. I was kicking myself for not blogging it while it was fresh, and thought it was too late.

Recently Jacob & Maya celebrated their one year anniversary, and it just reminded me what a beautiful and special day they had. I decided I have to share their story, as it is one of my absolute favorite weddings to date!

It was such a joy for me to spend time with these two capturing their engagement photos, then being apart of their weddings was equally as exciting. This wedding was so beautiful, Maya's vintage inspiration panned out perfectly. It was a unique mix of 60's hippie flower child, and Victorian era class. Maya's dress was handmade to fit her vintage vision, it included a detachable train in the back. Her veil was my favorite detail, she found it on Ebay, it dates back almost two centuries old coming from the 1820's!
They had been praying for months for weather that wouldn't be too hot, & their prayers were answered. It rained in the morning, causing the rest of the day to be kept cool at the perfect temperature.

One of my favorite moments of any wedding day, is seeing the women closest to the bride serve her by helping her prepare. Maya and her mother and sister had a particularly close bond. Maya wrote her mother a letter at the beginning of the day which included a picture of them together when she was young. Her mother smiled wide, and showed everyone in the room the photo. Maya's sister Emma was so helpful in every bit of her role as Maid of Honor and gazed upon her older sister in admiration all day. I loved seeing how close of friends these two sisters are. All the bridesmaids had the most gorgeous long hair I’ve ever seen, they all seriously looked like fairies!

I could go on about this day and these details forever, but you all have to see for yourself. Enjoy this beautiful wedding!