Young Wedding

His legs shook in anticipation, overwhelmed tears fell quickly down his face. There was no hiding his emotions, he wiped his tears and smiled as his bride walked towards him, towards forever together.

Friends, family, and yes even the photographers, cried along with him witnessing this powerful moment of love. Brett and David are cared for so deeply by the people around them, and seeing David overpowered by his love, joy, and the beauty of his reality left no dry eye to be seen.

Growing up, Brett sat beside her bed with her parents, and prayed every night that God would take care of her future husband. Every day, David was being covered in prayer by his future wife, and I believe this made a huge impact in their relationship. They both have chosen to love God fearlessly and put him above all us.

Every detail of this day was so beautiful, I've never seen a more pinterest worthy wedding. The greenery that adorned each table, the warm light coming from the cracks between the wood that made the barn, the hanging glass pieces above the head table, everything was magical.

I could write about this wedding forever, but I feel like the story speaks for itself. My favorite part about my job is capturing stories like this, telling an important piece of it with each image. This story goes beyond the people who were there that day, and is able to reach across the world and shine a spotlight on something so beautiful and positive. This is a love story.

P.S. If you’re here from Pinterest after seeing David’s first look photos, wanted to give you a special Hello! My husband and I are a photo/video team who travel the world shooting weddings, and if you’re engaged we would love to talk to you! Click here to contact us and tell us about your love story!